Computer maintenance

Tech365 Miami offers a computer maintenance service at low prices, many times we think that computer maintenance is not necessary but that is not true.

A computer can collect as much dust or dirt as any ventilation equipment because the forced air cooling system is extracting heat all the time. Dirt can block the fan and a computer breakdown can occur.

Dirt also collects on keyboards where microbes and mites proliferate which can cause disease and allergic. Tech365 Miami will help you prevent future breakages, illnesses, or loss of information by doing preventive computer maintenance.

Computer maintenance

Computer maintenance is not only focused on dust and dirt, but it also includes disk defragmentation, virus and malware removal, cleaning the Windows registry, temporary system files, and browsing, among other procedures that improve the performance of your computer.

In general, these maintenances should be carried out every 3 or 6 months depending on the use of the computer. Tech365 Miami will be able to offer you a free estimate of the computer maintenance you need based on their use.

Call us today or send us an email. Our Tech365 Miami professionals will perform in-depth computer maintenance. We offer computer repair and IT services in Miami Dade and Broward County areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty service

Tech365 Miami offers a warranty service of at least one month for each repair made, this may vary depending on the value of the product or service.

Periodic maintenance service

Tech365 Miami can provide periodic service to companies or homes, with which we perform maintenance on your computer system and also a cleaning that removes dirt and dust that could cause allergies or diseases as well as computer deterioration.

Could you send me an estimate?

Tech365 Miami can send you estimates for all the services or repairs you need, we can certainly assure you that we offer you the best prices on the market, since we are a small company and we want to provide you with the best experience at a lower cost.

Repair or remote assistance

Tech365 Miami provides remote repairs that can be done when the problem allows or the client is willing, in many cases it is the cheapest and most immediate way to solve the problem.

How fast can you help me?

Tech365 Miami in most cases can assist you during the day, but due to the accumulation of work, your attention could be extended to the next day.

Can I get discounts?

Tech365 Miami offers you discounts when you require more than one service, you can also get discounts for doing repairs remotely when possible.