Tech365 Miami PC virus and spyware removal

There are hundreds of new viruses every day and you computer can get infected, Tech365 Miami virus and spyware removal can help you remove the threat.

Viruses and spyware can leak your information or slow down your computer. Please note that you may not see or detect any abnormal files on your computer, but you may feel that your computer is slowing down and could be a virus or spyware.

Tech365 Miami PC virus and spyware removal deal with many years of experience and the majority of the cases could be resolve en one or two hours but sometimes the damage is too high and may you need to reinstall the operative system.

Do not exist an antivirus that protects you for all existing and new one’s viruses or spyware. Tech365 Miami PC virus and spyware removal are constantly searching and review the best procedure to eliminate and clean your computer and in all the case we must run more than one antivirus.


This is one of the many warning signs that show your PC might suffer from malware infection.

Your computer is slowing down

Annoying ads are displayed


Pop-up messages

Internet traffic suspiciously increases

Your browser homepage changed without your input

Unusual messages show unexpectedly

Your security solution is disabled

Your friends say they receive strange messages from you

Unfamiliar icons are displayed on your desktop

Unusual error messages

You can’t access the Control Panel

Everything seems to work perfectly on your PC

You get the error on the browser

You get suspicious shortcut files


Call us today or email us. Tech365 Miami PC virus and spyware removal will clean and improve your PC. We offer computer services & repair and IT services in Miami county areas and Broward

More information related to computer virus from the following Microsoft page:



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Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty service

Tech365 Miami offers a warranty service of at least one month for each repair made, this may vary depending on the value of the product or service.

Periodic maintenance service

Tech365 Miami can provide periodic service to companies or homes, with which we perform maintenance on your computer system and also a cleaning that removes dirt and dust that could cause allergies or diseases as well as computer deterioration.

Could you send me an estimate?

Tech365 Miami can send you estimates for all the services or repairs you need, we can certainly assure you that we offer you the best prices on the market, since we are a small company and we want to provide you with the best experience at a lower cost.

Repair or remote assistance

Tech365 Miami provides remote repairs that can be done when the problem allows or the client is willing, in many cases it is the cheapest and most immediate way to solve the problem.

How fast can you help me?

Tech365 Miami in most cases can assist you during the day, but due to the accumulation of work, your attention could be extended to the next day.

Can I get discounts?

Tech365 Miami offers you discounts when you require more than one service, you can also get discounts for doing repairs remotely when possible.